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Worldwide Virtual Academy, Inc. (WVA) is eminently qualified, by virtue of its experience and successful projects, which it has facilitated. Its team of professionals are both academically credentialed and uniquely experienced in business ownership. The WVA is partnered with nationally recognized Institutions of Higher Learning and Private Corporations that specialize in training and capacity building initiatives for Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.  

The WVA professional team includes: the President, Vice President, Special Advisor, multiple strategic alliance partners, research assistants, and IT technicians . Additionally, other resources are available as needed either internally through the WVA network or externally, through other educational institutions, corporate business connections and community outreach outlets.

Senior Management

 Jonah Cooper, Jr.
Vice President
   Sabrina Cooper, M.B.A.
Senior Advisor
Chick Lee
WVA and its partners are committed to the following principles:
Value-added:     We focus on critical success factors to deliver innovative educational approaches to each aspect of the project, including administration and oversight, research and network participants
Collaborative:    Through its affiliation with the corporate community, institutions of higher learning, and other relationships, resources are available from a variety of credible sources within the United State. These resources will be used to their best advantage to shape and then to implement innovative initiatives.
Team-Driven:    We fully utilize the diverse strengths and competencies of the WVA team to implement and obtain success with all projects.
Quantifiable:     We identify and utilize all relevant indicators and critical data to ensure project success.
Integrated:        We establish systems that will generate continuous evaluation and feedback mechanisms and ensure the highest level of communication and collaboration.