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Worldwide Virtual Academy, Inc. (WVA) fosters enterprising, commercial ventures and technology based endeavors.  This educational approach offers a much broader access to an array of sources/resources, while creating a new revenue stream for the host institution of the virtual academy.  It provides the potential for worldwide exposure to new and emerging markets.  Our virtual academies offer small businesses, employees, corporations and educational and faith based institutions the opportunity to offer a customized set of courses and training materials for their staff and constituents.  Those courses and materials are very user friendly, animated and interactive while ensuring academic quality and, in some cases, Continuing Education (CEU) credits.

The WVA increases access to cutting-edge research, instruction and training opportunities. WVA resources allow students to communicate with students, corporate leaders and other institutions of higher learning throughout the globe. Students are no longer restricted to any one institution of learning. Rather, through the WVA, students can share the learning resources of several institutions of higher learning through distance learning, a system of partnerships, and alliances. Thus, our collaboration approach enable us to develop and offer an array of new courses earning a certificate of completion from a Institution of Higher Learning, CEUs and in some cases, credit toward degrees.
In brief, the strategic mission of the Worldwide Virtual Academy Inc. has been to establish itself as a pre-eminent institution with a comprehensive approach to training, leadership, and development resources for employers, employees and entrepreneurs, focused on the three themes, education, research and training.  It accomplishes this mission by:

Developing distance learning programs to provide training for small businesses, major corporations, individuals, and community based organizations

Conducting content research and development, program assessments, classroom to on-line content conversion, and outreach services to new and emerging markets
Providing participants with an understanding and value in the practice of diversity
Forming strategic alliances, progressive partnerships
Taking full advantage of emerging technology
Worldwide Virtual Academy prides itself on being able to offer our services above to Our Clients in a cost efficient, timely manner. Read more about Distance Learning below and Contact Us with any questions.

 Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning can be very beneficial to your company.  Benefits include:


Budget Saving


Quantity & Quality




Distance Learning Programs

We provide distance learning in many areas, and specialize in the following:

Supplier Diversity


Faith Based Related Training Programs

Professional & Trade Certification

Cultural Competency

Small Business Development

Health & Wellness