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Worldwide Virtual Academy, Inc. (WVA) has worked with hundreds of companies over the years to assist them with some form of virtual training or classes.  The WVA has been instrumental in the development of the following educational and training offerings, each designed to build capacity, encourage leadership and develop new and sustainable revenue. 


Rutgers Institute for Executive Leadership and Development
Co-founded and is managed by Jonah Cooper, Jr.,Worldwide Virtual Academy Inc.  It develops, markets and host distance learning and training programs.  Its course offering includes topics such as Managing Diversity, Supplier Diversity, Eradicating Sexual Harassment, Professional Management Strategies and Emotional Intelligence. These programs are offered as either credit, graduate level courses or as non-credit.
The Council Virtual Academy
A distance learning education and training program developed by the NY/NJ Minority Supplier Development Council and the Worldwide Virtual Academy Inc.  Some of its courses include: “The 3 Keys to Success” – Highlights of the RFP - Navigating the Corporate Procurement Process - Strategic Alliance & Progressive Partnering - Relationship Building - The Art of Networking, On-Line Supplier Diversity Training Program - Workforce Development.
Distance Education and Instructional Technology
Created for Faculty, facilitated by the WVA, this initiative provides technical and logistical support for faculty interested in developing courses for presentation via distance learning. Two critical activities ensure the success of this program, first, the review of other faculty development models and second, the involvement of faculty in the process. The review of other models will allow the program to select, modify and combine best practices that could best meet the needs of the institution. Involving the faculty allows for buy-in and results in the development of a more targeted program to meet faculty needs.
Created for Regional, National and International Corporations of which courses include Supplier Diversity as now being offered through the National Minority Supplier Development Council.  (Services to this program are provided by Jonah Cooper, Jr., WVA) The training is directed toward professionals in the supply chain including supplier diversity executives, purchasing managers and procurement officers
The Center for Congretional and Community Engagement
A collaboration of the Rutgers Institute for Executive Leadership and Diversity and the New Brunswick Theological Seminary. It is designed to establish indicators for the understanding of what is needed for congregations and houses of worship to respond to and be engaged in community and economic needs and issues. It involved the development of a curriculum which could be used by houses of worship to self-study and reach out to community, while understanding the Missional design of their respective house of worship. Each participant house of worship works with a member of the research action team and a graduate intern from New Brunswick Theological Seminary.
The Community Development Business Initiative
Focuses on the increasingly complex operating environment of the nonprofit and faith-based communities. Community based organizations are increasingly being called upon to fill gaps in services traditionally provided by the government. Most do their best to provide critical, cost-effective and necessary services and products to their constituencies and consumers despite funding constraints. Community Development Corporations (CDCs) serve those who are most dependent on others. Redirection and training are required by these organizations to develop more entrepreneurial approaches to the services that they provide. The Community Business Initiative provides the training needed to implement a private sector business model.
The Academy for Advanced Small and Minority Businesses
A partnership with New York/New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, the Rutgers Institute for Executive Leadership and Diversity, and the Interracial Council for Business Opportunity. The Academy provides the sustenance and staying power through training for small and minority business owners who want to understand and implement cutting edge ideas to help their companies grow.  All participating organizations have been in business for at least three years and have attained earnings of no less than $300,000 annually and no more than $30 million.
This Academy is funded and administered through a partnership between NJ Transit and the Port Authority of NY & NJ and was developed by Worldwide Virtual Academy Inc. and the NJ Institute of Technology. Project management is provided by the NY & NJ Minority Supplier Development Council. The Virtual Academy is a portal based distance learning education and training program which uses cutting edge technology based delivery systems to provide capacity building information, education and training access and opportunities to individuals, small business enterprises and major corporations.    Its courses include: Construction Management - Blueprint Reading and Takeoffs – Cost Estimating, Contract Law - Financing and Bonding – OSHA Regulations and Requirements – Writing and Understanding Construction Contracts – Construction Management for the Site Superintendent – eLearning Readiness.
An initiative which communicates a powerful message which speaks to the role which churches and other houses of worship, small businesses, institutions of higher learning and major corporations are playing in community economic development, continuing education and entrepreneurial expression.  It highlights the role they play and the resources they invest in supporting positive change in our families, neighborhoods and communities
A NEW distance learning education and training portal developed by Temple University, Office of IDEAL and Worldwide Virtual Academy, Inc.  The IDEAL Virtual Academy is a portal-based, distance learning education and training program, specializing in diversity training, that uses cutting edge technology based delivery systems to provide capacity building information, education and training access.
A NEW distance learning education and training program developed by the GNE Minority Supplier Development Council and the Worldwide Virtual Academy Inc.  This academy focuses primarily in the Construction industry in the Greater New England areas and offers over 120 courses in the main training fields within their industry.

The PA-NJ-DE E-University

A NEW distance learning education and training program developed by the Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware Minority Supplier Development Council and the Worldwide Virtual Academy Inc. and sponsored by Walmart.  This academy primarily focuses on customer service, gaming and hospitality related fields.

The OICA Virtual Academy

Newly launched virtual academy created by Worldwide Virtual Academy in partnership with the OIC of America.   OICA serves as a catalyst to its affiliates to establish and maintain workforce development technologies, reinforce capacity and system-building endeavors, expand partnerships and collaborations, and promote organizational growth through professional development.  This academy specializes in offering training programs that align with the vision and mission of OICA.